Carbon Neutral Leather by Moore & Giles
When you choose our carbon neutral leather you are helping to offset the cradle to gate embodied carbon impact through third-party verified carbon offsets. "Cradle to gate" embodied carbon indicates the sum of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) resulting from the upstream raw material extraction processes from livestock industries such as farming and meat processing, to transportation of the hides, which are diverted byproduct waste from the meat industry, through the completion of manufacturing processes used to convert hides into leather. Read More


We believe natural leather plays an important role in global sustainability. Hides are byproduct waste from the global meat industry. The addition of 280 million hides per year in our landfills would be an enormous environmental burden. We divert and transform this waste product into leather, a durable and functional product that will last for generations.



Since 1933, Moore & Giles has designed and developed innovative and luxurious natural leathers for hospitality, residential interior design, aviation, and automotive, industries. From this passion, we created a collection of luxury leather bags, accessories, home goods, and furniture to showcase the inherent beauty of natural leather.
Our commitment to sustainability cascades down to every aspect of our company. From the products we develop to the tanneries we partner with, sustainability is in our company ethos.


We transform hides that would be landfilled into a sustainable material that lasts for generations.


Through innovative tanning practices and stringent certifications, Moore & Giles leads the way in leather sustainability.

Raising the Standard

Our tanneries are held to the highest sustainability standards with third-party testing and innovative practices.


Strides in Sustainability
Moore & Giles was the first leather company to pursue and receive a Declare certification for a leather article. Using a byproduct to tan a byproduct, the leather in our Olive Tanned Collection has been created from fallen olive leaves in the Mediterranean region that have been collected and processed in compliance with socially sustainable standards.

Leather Collection Certificates

Tanning Collection Certificates

A Higher Standard
Our largest and best selling leather article, Mont Blanc, is Declare and Clean Air Gold certified. With over 45 leathers holding a Clean Air Gold certification, our standard is a higher standard.
Oeko-Tex® Certified
Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX® is an internationally standardized testing and certification system for leather and leather goods at all production levels. The certification supports companies along the supply chain with the implementation of high human-ecological product safety.
“The fact that we can divert waste from landfills and turn it into something beautiful and long-lasting is an important story to tell.”
Sackett Wood, CEO, Moore & Giles


Hides are diverted from landfills each year, through the leather industry.


Declare certified leathers


Clean Air Gold certified leathers


The first leather company to develop plant-based tanning methods.
Local. Sustainable. Exceptional.
Every hide in this collection was sourced from small farms that, like Moore & Giles, have called Virginia home for decades. The quality and allure of the collection is matched by the sustainability and singularity of this locally sourced leather.
Real, Not Perfect.
Our capsule collection of utilitarian bags uses leather others left to languish at the tannery, rejected due to scars and natural markings. No two bags are identical, but each is made with the same care and craftsmanship as the traditional Moore & Giles lineup.
Moore & Giles is committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of Leather Working Group