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Episode 15: The Reclaimed: Project

The Reclaimed: Project - Why Every Hide has a Story to Tell

Who decides what hides are good and what hides are bad? We sit with President Sackett Wood to unpack the Reclaimed: Project which utilizes previously rejected hides. These hides have been rejected for their natural markings and Moore & Giles believes each hide has value and a beautiful story to tell.

See the collection here:

Episode 14: Interview - Designer Joe Lucas

We talk long-distance with our close friend designer Joe Lucas. Lucas who is based in LA, owns both Lucas Studio Inc. and Harbinger (LA + NY). As a former actor turned designer, Lucas is no stranger to the spotlight. Joe Lucas Studio, Inc. & Harbinger have been featured in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Elle Décor,Veranda, Architectural Digest, Luxe Magazine, Domino, the LA Times, Angeleno, Angeleno Interiors, Wired and Design NJ. For more on Joe Lucas and Harbinger visit:
IG@ joeyluke

Episode 13: Interview with Master Craftsman - Lawton Smith

Interview with Moore & Giles master leather craftsman - Lawton Smith. We join Lawton inside the Moore & Giles leather workshop located in Virginia to discuss what time and tools it really takes to reach his level of craft. We also talk about our Moore & Giles ONE program - a one-of-a-kind bag effort that benefits everyone. Each of the bags are made by Lawton in the Virginia workshop - learn more at

To ask Lawton questions about his shop or to learn more about he years of experience email:

Episode 12: Harmful Faux Materials, Fallen Olive Leaves and The Meaning of True Sustainability

Vegan leather? Wait...thats technically not possible. During a quiet afternoon of the farm, we catch up with Beverly McAuley - Moore & Giles' Director of Sustainability & Education, to discuss why faux "leather" material is harmful for humans and the environment. We also get into what true sustainability means and how we can help future generations. McAuley's background in design mixed with her true love of people and nature make her the perfect voice in a loud crowd of "green washed" me toos.

Episode 11: Interview with American Leather CEO Bruce Birnbach

We connect with CEO Bruce Birnbach during the COVID 19 crisis while he is at his home in Dallas, Texas. Bruce leads American Leather, Lee Industries, Brookline Furniture and the online marketplace of Benchmade Modern. Bruce, the son of the late Gerald Birnbach who grew Rowe Furniture to fame, is a second generation leather in the furniture world. We talk about his leadership style as he guides four different brands, his father and furniture and his perspective on Furniture Market in the future. For more on the American Leather family of brands visit:

Episode 10: Interview with Designer - Bill Amberg

The Bill Amberg name stands as a badge of quality and craftsmanship around the world. Bill’s iconic ‘Rocket Bag’ is included in the permanent collection of London’s V&A and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. To learn more about Bill Amberg and the Studio please visit:

Episode 9: Interview with CEO & Founder of applied: textiles John Schroeter

John Schroeter, founder and CEO of applied: textiles, steps out of the applied: lab in Grand Rapids, MI to chat with us about how repellency actually works for materials. John and applied: have been developing stain repellent sciences for over 27 years and we are partnering with them to launch ATHENA Leather - the very first ALTA technology leather available. A stain repellent leather from the inside out. Learn more at or more on applied: at

Episode 8: Interview with Adrian Parker - Patrón Spirits Global VP, Marketing

Adrian D. Parker, Global Vice President - Marketing, Patrón Spirits, sits down with us from Bacardi Limited HQ in Hamilton, Bermuda to discuss the similarities of creating handcrafted tequila and handcrafted leather. Both products are meant to be aged and get better with time. Both products are developed by generational craftsmen. You will learn why the finest tequila in the world is made in Jalisco, Mexico and what it takes to do it all by hand - even down to the bottling. For more on the Patrón process visit: and to read more on Adrian Parker you can find him here:

BONUS Episode 7: On the Road in the Moore & Giles Airstream

On the Road with the Moore & Giles Airstream. Rodney “Hot Rod” Laughon, is our responsible driver of the Moore & Giles Airstream, has been on the road for the past 9 years driving the airstream from state to state. The 1971 Airstream Land Yacht has voyaged across the US ten times. The airstream has been completely renovated into a mobile design showroom and bar to share our leather and entertain our friends in the design world. From sea to sea, Rodney has been a faithful guide, conversing with people across the country regarding Moore & Giles leather. When driving the airstream, whether alone or with people, Rodney takes in the incredible views that the United States has to offer and paints these landscapes. See more from Rodney as an artist at:

Episode 6: Interview with Author & Mixology Godfather Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan, well known author and bar man based in Portland, Oregon, is a loyal friend and partner to Moore & Giles. Also known as “The Godfather of the Modern Bar”, Jim shares how he has come to appreciate what goes into the aesthetic of a bar and how leather crosses into his business. From barstools to aprons, leather is a crucial component in making a bar feel rustic and aged. Pouring an immense amount of work into specific details, Jim discusses the struggles of receiving feedback and how it differs whether you’re serving a drink or publishing a book. While “winning” is always a goal for Jim, “winning” with others is much more fun for him with the multitude of people that have contributed towards his life projects. To learn more visit: @mixography

Episode 5: Interview with AD100 Interior Designer Brad Ford

Brad Ford, interior designer and founder of Field + Supply, has been connected to Moore & Giles for over a decade now. Born and raised in Arkansas, Brad tells us of how he has paved his path to success in becoming a high-end interior designer in New York City. Brad partnered with Moore & Giles to design the interior of “the ultimate travel bar”, our Moore & Giles pull-behind trailer "The Woody" that traveled from coast to coast and found its way into the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Catalog. Brad’s southern roots have helped him develop his own point of view in design and create an event like Field + Supply where hospitality and community are on full display. To learn more visit:

Episode 4: Interview with Director of Design Thomas Brennan - Designing with Leather

We sit with Moore & Giles Director of Design, Thomas Brennan, to discuss what goes into making a Moore & Giles bag. His approach and conversation around working with leather will surprise you. For more on Moore & Giles bags visit:

Episode 3: Why Lynchburg? International Business from a Small Southern Town

We bring Sackett Wood, President of Moore & Giles, back as he dives deep into the historical background of our story, and the greater city of Lynchburg, VA. Starting with a layoff during the Great Depression from shoe factory in downtown Lynchburg in 1933, our international company has roots buried within this city. Sackett, a Lynchburg native, discusses what it was like to have grown up in this area and how our culture and the region are tied together. Over the past 25 years, the city of Lynchburg and Moore & Giles have grown exponentially, benefitting one another hand-in-hand.

Episode 2: Is Leather Sustainable? Interview with Daryl Calfee & Whitney Tinsley

Is leather really sustainable? Daryl Calfee (host & VP of Marketing) sits with Whitney Tinsley, previously Director of Education at Moore & Giles, to discuss how we see sustainability throughout the leather industry. Whitney’s extensive resume with leather, from being on the floor in a tannery to certifying our employees in “Leather 101”, proves that she is a true expert. Throughout this podcast, you will hear answers our frequently asked controversial questions regarding the leather industry and how our company proves its environmental sustainability in making the world’s finest leather. To learn more on sustainability at Moore & Giles visit:

Episode 1: Who is Moore & Giles? Interview with president Sackett Wood

Sit with Sackett Wood, President of Moore & Giles, as he shares the origin story of one of America's oldest leather companies. Still based in Lynchburg, Virginia after more than 86 years, Moore & Giles has become the industry leader in leather - growing from a six person company to an international business with showrooms around the globe. For more on Moore & Giles visit: