Your concern is finding a product that meets your project's sustainability efforts and at the same time matches up with your design sensibilities. Until now, there has not been a beautiful, soft and colorful option in the world of high-end leather. And in the evolving world of leather tanning there is not a true mineral-free option that:

  1. uses a true natural byproduct to tan the leather
  2. requires less water and energy to produce

Chances are you would love to bring the luxury of leather into your project. Perhaps you are looking for LEED compliant materials. You understand its natural origins and appreciate the fact that leather also is an amazing byproduct of the beef industry. Nothing wears, ages and lasts quite like leather and that is the most basic of sustainability stories.

For years, we've searched to create a leather offering for designers that is truly sustainable - from the animal to the tanning process - and now with Olive Green Leather exclusively from Moore & Giles, the option exists. Olive Green Leather is tanned with a 100% organic tanning agent made of purely aqueous olive leaf extract and is Olivenleder® certified. These olive leaves are a byproduct from olive production. Our Olive tanned leather articles are the first Declare, Red List free leather options available in the world.

Moore & Giles’ Olive Green Leather is the most sustainable leather available - from start to finish:

The Hides

Tanned in Europe on south German hides

Hides are delivered fresh (hides are chilled instead of wetsalted)

Environmental standards of the tanneries are rated GOLD by LWG (Leather Working Group)

The Tanning

Olive Green Leather uses 100 percent natural wet-green® technology in the tanning process to achieve mineral-free tanning and is Olivenleder® certified

wet-green® tanning extract is made from fallen olive leaves, much like making tea

These olive leaves are a byproduct of olive production. Traditionally they are burned and now their collection in the Mediterranean region creates a sustainable wage for many adults

wet-green® received a cradle to cradle™ GOLD certification and enables the production of biodegradable leather

wet-green® received a PLATINUM Material Health Rating


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technology as all as for our Olive Green leathers here

Olive Green Leather is tanned with wet-green® - a globally award
winning technology:


IIDA/HD Product Design Competition

Cradle to Cradle product innovator Award 2015
SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award 2015
Launch Nordic Winner 2015
IIDA/HD Product Design Competition Winner 2017
The World's First & Only leathers to receive a Declare Label
LEED compliant - Red List Free


“Our tanning agent is recovered from the leaves of the olive tree by using a method similar to brewing tea.”

-Thomas Lamparter, wet-green® GmbH

Olive Green Leather is perfect for furniture in residential & commercial/public areas, automotive and aviation.

The leather tanning process is constantly evolving.
Following are the benefits and best uses for each of our leathers:

Vegetable Tanning
Oldest method of tanning leather dating back to 11th century. Artisanal tanning method - production time can be as long as two months
Tanning agents are natural tannins - extracts from natural plant sources such as wood, bark and leaves
Rich, warm earthy colors
Will age gracefully and change in color over time. Firm, sturdy hand making this tannage ideal for footwear, luggage and accessories as well as some furniture applications
Mineral Tanning
Patented in the late 19th century, only 120 years old. Accounts for 80-90% of leather produced globally
Tanning agent utilized is chromium sulphate - chrome compounds naturally occur in the environment
Broad spectrum of colors can be achieved. Patina will occur in natural aniline tannages
Offers variety of textures and looks. The soft hand makes it ideal for furnishings, accessories and designer-focused applications in residential and commercial projects
Olive Leaf Tanning
Developed in 2006, the latest technology in tanning leather
Fallen leaves from the olive tree are utilized as the tanning agent in this organically tanned leather type
Broad spectrum of colors can be achieved
Ideal for furnishings, accessories and designer focused applications in residential and commercial projects where a mineral-free option is desired