Casey Gunschel

Chicago-based artist and designer Casey Gunschel has created a new leather collection for Moore & Giles featuring traditional hand tooling techniques on a canvas of beautiful vegetable tanned leathers. The collection consists of three unique and highly customizable designs called Bellini, Freccia and Delfina that are available on a exquisite palette of belting leathers crafted in the United States. In addition to the Bellini, Freccia and Delfina designs, custom designs are also available.

Casey works much like an artist would when commissioned for a piece of art. Samples of designs are not available without consultation with the artist due to the variety of custom options available in terms of color, finishing and scale of designs. However, high resolution images of existing designs in the oyster color way (as featured in Veranda) can be supplied upon request. A consultation with Casey starts at $650 and samples based on the consultation start at $500 for a custom 8X8 backed tile.

Available colors include Black, Chestnut, Burgundy, Truffle, Marine, Oyster and Steam. All of Casey's hand tooling is done on vegetable tanned belting leathers that will deepen and darken with age, especially when exposed to sunlight. Custom antique or metallic finishing and/or metallic accenting is also available.

Pricing for Casey's work starts at $150 square foot and final pricing depends on scale of installation, complexity of design, and amount of handtooling desired.

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About the Artist

Casey Gunschel is a Chicago based artist and designer whose focus is handcrafted leatherwork. With an early background based in theater and later wallpaper design under the name Palacepapers, Casey more recently found herself in the rural American West. Drawn to the traditional artistry and leatherwork of cowboy culture and trained under a saddle makers tutelage, she discovered a medium that coalesced her skills as designer, illustrator, sculptor and maker; a living canvas telling its own story and enhancing her own.

Casey finds intrigue at the confluence of new and old, and at the apex of traditional craft and contemporary design. She’s interested in the unique history of the hide and how it’s enhanced by the narrative of handwork and mark making. Faded like ancient cave frescos and peeling paint, the leather palimpsest conveys a tale through layers and the passage of time. Casey’s artistry is creating new textures that build upon the old, weaving history and innovation to inspire a contemporary vision of a rich past.